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7 online investment tips that you should understand

Investing is one way for an individual to earn additional income in his life. The potential of earning solid returns have attracted many to investing, especially online investing that can be conveniently done over the internet. Unfortunately,...

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7 Tips Investasi Online yang Harus Anda Pahami

Melakukan investasi merupakan salah satu cara bagi seseorang untuk mendapatkan penghasilan tambahan dalam hidupnya. Karena profitnya yang cukup menggiurkan, banyak orang yang tertarik untuk berinvestasi, khususnya investasi online yang saat ini...

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The Different Types of Crowdfunding and Why You Need to Know Them

Crowdfunding began in 1997 and is now ever so popular given the wide reach and instant access to the internet. Forbes reported that in 2015, over US$34 billion was raised worldwide through crowdfunding. So given its huge impact, what is...

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Crowdfunding Syariah - Pembiayaan Menuju Keberlanjutan

Dua faktor penting bagi UKM adalah pembiayaan dan keberlanjutan usaha. Keduanya merupakan faktor utama kesuksesan bisnis meski sering kali berlawanan. Pembiayaan cenderung terfokus dalam jangka pendek, mencari keuntungan semaksimal dan secepat...

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Islamic crowdfunding - Financing towards sustainability

Two important factors for SMEs are financing and business sustainability. Both are key ingredients for business growth and success although they often conflict one another. Financing tend be short-term focused – making the most profits over...

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Crowdfunding Syariah - Solusi Bagi UKM

Semangat kewirausahaan sejak dulu telah menjadi bagian dari Islam. Sembilan dari sepuluh sahabat Nabi Muhammad (SAW) yang dijamin masuk surga adalah pengusaha. Saat ini, wirausaha masih menjadi faktor penggerak ekonomi. Namun, ketiadaan dukungan...

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How to grow wealth while growing communities

Growing your wealth ethically and meaningfully isn’t difficult. Shariah-based investments can help you to do so. They focus on investing in projects which promotes community and economic growth while ensuring basic universal values are...

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Setting short-term financial goals for 2017

As we enter 2017, it is a good idea to start setting financial goals for the year. This can help ease your financial burden while growing your wealth. Just like New Year resolutions, don’t shoot for the moon. Your short-term financial goals...

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Crowdfunding for a Good Cause

Kapital Boost is all about growing communities. We help SMEs grow by engaging people to invest in them. We also believe in using our platform to benefit meaningful non-profit and social projects. Harnessing the power of the crowd to achieve good...

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Kapital Boost receives Shariah pronouncement on Murabaha crowdfunding

PRESS RELEASE Kapital Boost, Asia’s 1 st Islamic SME crowdfunding platform, today received a Shariah pronouncement from the Financial Shariah Advisory & Consultancy (FSAC) on its Murabaha crowdfunding structure. The Shariah...

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Global Symposium on Innovative Financial Inclusion 2016

For the Global Symposium on Innovative Financial Inclusion, Muhammad Bin Ibrahim, Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, said that financial inclusion has been accorded global priority to address the widening income gap, promote economic empowerment...

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Indonesia Fintech Festival & Conference 2016

The Indonesian Fintech Festival and Conference 2016, held on 29th and 30th August, was an event jointly organized between Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin). The event gathered...

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Crowdfunding for Millenials

Millennials have been a hot topic of discussion. There have been on-going attempts to bring insights about this generation of youths. Indeed, they are worth the attention. Millennials make up slightly more than a quarter of the global population....

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Islamic finance - playing it safe

Islamic finance has been in the spotlight following the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, and for good reason. The market weakness revealed that Sharia-compliant financial products were generally less risky to their conventional peers and...

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Islamic crowdfunding as a solution for SMEs

The spirit of entrepreneurship has always been a part of Islam. Nine out of ten companions of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) who were guaranteed heaven were businessmen.  Today, entrepreneurs continue to be a driving force of the economy. The lack...

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A smarter way to invest

Why invest?   “Don’t work for money. Make it work for you.”  Robert Kiyosaki You’ve worked hard for your money. Make sure it doesn’t lose value. How does money lose value? Putting it in bank deposits is one...

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Simple strategy for exponential growth

You may have noticed Kapital Boost focuses on only offering short-term (3-9 months) funding opportunities. It is for good reasons. Doing so, provides our members with several investment benefits including: Increased flexibility/liquidity. ...

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