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Kapital News Highlight - August 27

Monday, August 27, 2018

A weekly highlight for your updated and forward-thinking financial insight :

• OCBC RoboInvest is claimed to be the first robo-investment service in Southeast Asia by OCBC Bank. The service targeting young and tech-savvy investors requires an initial investment amount of SGD3.500. Investors can choose from 28 diverse portfolios across six markets based on themes, such as technology, property, real estate, healthcare, fast-moving-consumer-goods companies, and food & beverage. OCBC RoboInvest uses algorithms to monitor each portfolio automatically and periodically re-balance assets which means investors do not need to monitor their investments at all time. Moreover, this OCBC RoboInvest can help investors to optimize their portfolios. (FintechNews SG)

• The Chairman of The Federal Reserve US Jerome Powell said that the implementation of steady interest rate hikes is the best way to protect the US economic recovery and keep the inflation under control. The statement was released just days after President Donald Trump criticized the rate hikes of the US central bank. However, Mr Powell's statements were not a direct response to President Trump's criticism as the decision The Fed made was to stimulate the US economic growth. The Fed is expected to increase rates on September and perhaps in December. (Straitstimes)

• According to the OECD's research analysis which includes all 35 OECD member countries, the economic scenarios shows that the US GDP growth is expected to surpass China in 2040. By that time, China's economy will be more than 75 percent larger than that of the US. Moreover, the world's economic might shifts toward Asia as India and the US economies will switch orders in 2037. OECD also predicts that the combination of China and India's economy will be larger than that of all OECD countries combined by 2060. If Indonesia's economy is added to the combination, about 50 percent of the world's economy will be represented by the three Asian countries. (Business Standard)

• The finance minister of China Liu Kun said that China will continue to hit back against the US if more tariffs are imposed. On Thursday (23/8), the second wave of tariffs was imposed on Chinese goods worth US$16 billion by the US, and China immediately responded in kind. The trade talks between the two countries which was held in Washington failed to make any major progress. The trade wars have now made the two sides to impose 25% tariffs on each other on a total of $50 billion goods. The decision to impose tariffs on the Chinese goods taken by President Donald Trump was to help the US companies and to make the US goods cheaper. However, the action has made China plans to file a complaint against the tariffs at World Trade Organization. (BBC)

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