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For SMEs

Kapital Boost offers 2 types of funding namely Asset Purchase and Invoice Financing, based on the structures of Murabaha (cost plus profit) and Wakalah bil Ujrah with Qard (paid agency and loan), respectively.

The Asset Purchase arrangement helps SMEs to raise funds for goods and capital purchases . Invoice Financing offers more flexibility on the use of funds as it offers cash advance to SMEs based on existing receivables.

Both are short-term funding, with maximum payment tenor of 12 months.

For an illustration of the Asset Purchase and Invoice Financing structures, view our infographics on the How it Works page.

To be eligible for funding from Kapital Boost, a business will need to meet the following requirements:

  • At least one year of operations as a registered company
  • At least SGD100,000 of sales revenue over the past financial year
  • Positive free cash flow in the past year
  • Existing purchase/work order from customers (for PO financing)
  • Unpaid invoice from long-established customers* or state-linked entities (for Invoice Financing)

For more detailed information on the requirements, please email us at or speak to us at +65 6342 5473 (Singapore office) or +62 812 8787 4136 (Indonesia office).

*A creditworthy customer would reflect favorably when we evaluate your funding request.

A business can raise up to SGD150,000 through purchase order financing and up to 85% of the invoice value through invoice financing.

You may raise financing based on multiple invoices at any one time.

Complete and submit the Get Funded form to provide us with information on your business and funding needs. A Kapital Boost representative will then follow-up with you for further information.

Alternatively, you may email us at or speak to us at +65 6342 5473 (Singapore office) or +62 812 8787 4136 (Indonesia office).

Once your application (with complete documents) is submitted, we will get back to you within 5 working days. If everything is in order, your crowdfunding campaign is launched and funds can be raised within 1 to 30 days.

No. Both the Asset Purchase and Invoice Financing structures are considered as unsecured financing.

At the minimum, we require the Directors and/or Shareholders of the business to sign a personal guarantee on the financing via Kapital Boost. We may request for other types of securities depending on the risk profile of the business.

Your business is contractually obligated to make payments owed to financiers, regardless of the payment from your customers.

Compared with most non-bank money lenders, we provide lower funding costs. Versus banks, we offer a higher approval rate, less administrative paperwork, and less restrictive covenants. Additionally, Kapital Boost's funding adheres to Shariah principles, which are ethical. The use of an asset purchase/cost-plus profit structure versus a loan increases the sharing of risk and reward between businesses and financiers.

A successful campaign will be charged an administrative fee of 5% of the total funding amount. The returns to investors will be determined by Kapital Boost with the business owner's consent, and will depend on the repayment period and risk profile of the business.

No. Kapital Boost encourages an accelerated payout by businesses.

Yes we do. We offer funding to businesses registered in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. However at this moment, Invoice Financing is only offered in Indonesia.

For Financiers (Members)

The crowdfunding campaign is open to all regardless of geographical location. Before investing, you should carefully consider whether investing in SMEs is appropriate for you in light of your risk profile, financial objectives and resources, experience as well as other relevant circumstances.

Investors need not pay any fees to invest via Kapital Boost.

At Kapital Boost, our investment opportunities are guided by moral and ethical values. For instance, we do not support activities involved in gambling, weapons or those causing environmental harm.

Additionally, our financing arrangement ensures that the funding is for productive rather than consumptive purposes. The former creates far more positive impact, in terms of production and growth in real economic activities that is beneficial for the society.

The risk ratings from A to C reflect the indicative risk profile of SMEs based on our proprietary credit scoring system. The ratings do not assess or indicate the likelihood of loss or default on your investment.

All investments carry a degree of risk, including the risk of principal loss. We recommend you discuss your capacity to invest via Kapital Boost with your financial advisor. We also strongly advise investors to diversify their investments across different funding campaigns and asset classes to lower potential investment losses.

All investments, including investing in SMEs, involves substantial risk. Such investments may not be suitable for everyone and can result in possible loss of principal amount invested.

We highlight the importance of diversification by spreading your principal invested across different funding campaigns to reduce the risk of loss on your potential returns. This helps protect your investment from the effects of any one SME missing a payment or defaulting.

Apart from our due diligence process, we require at least one of the following credit risk mitigants from SMEs.

  • Personal guarantee by one or more of the directors
  • A joint bank account between the SME and Kapital Boost to control the use of funds and the prioritisation of customer payments for payouts to Investors.
  • Requirement of a post-dated Bilyet Giro (giro payment) by the SME to Kapital Boost
  • The direct transfer of funds from Investors to asset suppliers (for Asset Purchase financing)
  • A security/collateral with estimated value at least 150% of the requested funding amount

Businesses must meet the following requirements:

  • At least one year of operation
  • At least SGD100,000 of sales in the past year
  • Positive free cash flow in the past year

Additionally, we have a credit risk scoring system based on the company's business profile, financial position, and corporate governance. On a risk scoring scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest), we only allow businesses with a risk scale of below 4 to raise a crowdfunding campaign through Kapital Boost.

The three core areas we focus on are the company's business profile, financial position, and corporate governance.

  1. Business risk:
    • Industry profile (e.g. industry competitive landscape, profitability, life cycle/growth potential, economic sensitivity, and regulatory risk)
    • Company profile (e.g. size in terms of annual sales, historical profit, operating track record, differentiation)
    • Management (e.g. experience, risk profile, risk mitigation)
  2. Financial risk:
    • Cash flow (operating cash flow/interest, historical free cash flow)
    • Operating performance (net income margin, sales/net profit growth)
    • Capital structure (Total debt/EBITDA, total debt/assets)
    • Liquidity (current ratio)
  3. Corporate governance risk:
    • Credit score of largest shareholder
    • Clarity of company strategy
    • Availability of a business plan
    • Availability of historical financial statements audited or not

No. While we screen for the most attractive investment opportunities before launching them on our platform, we are not responsible for formal due diligence on the funding investments. The need and onus to do due diligence lies squarely with the financiers as we do not profess to advise on the same. All dealings and transactions are directly with businesses and financiers.

All contracts/agreements will be sent via digital signing app Eversign to investor’s email address that is registered with Kapital Boost. Signing is done electronically.

Digital signature is binding and acceptable in countries which we operate, namely Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

In the event of a default, Kapital Boost will immediately take the following steps:

  1. Engage with the business to find out the reason for the missed payment. We will attempt to find a solution which will satisfy the financiers and the business.
  2. If after eight weeks there is a failure to come to an agreement between the financiers and the business and there is continued default, Kapital Boost will send a legal demand letter to the SME requesting for immediate payment.
  3. If payment default continues after 12 weeks, Investors may take legal actions against the SME. Kapital Boost will not be involved in the legal matters between the financier and the business. However, we may act as a broker between both parties.

Any project which supports less-privileged communities in Southeast Asia. This may include, but not limited to, the building/renovation of schools or mosques and funding for the development of infrastructures in lower-income communities.

Please email and provide us with details of the social project that is in need of funding. Our team will review the project and determine the funding eligibility. It will be up to Kapital Boost's discretion on which projects will be featured.

We do not. We offer donation crowdfunding services as a Corporate Social Responsibility.

We encourage our members to donate generously. Therefore they can contribute more than the target funding indicated, provided that the campaign is still open.

Yes, only members are allowed to participate in our campaigns, be it for donation or investing in SMEs.

Yes, donors will be given periodic updates, via email, on how far the project has progressed. Donors can be assured that the money will be spent according to the intended use as described in the campaign.

Private crowdfunding campaigns require a password to access. This can be obtained directly from the SME owners or upon request to the Kapital Boost team.

Kapital Boost can help the business draft a detailed and investor-friendly crowdfunding campaign, which can raise the likelihood of a successful fund raising. Additionally, Kapital Boost can assist with the fund transfer and preparation of legal funding agreements between parties. This enhances the professionalism of the deal and increases trusts.

Any business that do not go against the Islamic principles.

We charge an administrative fee of 3% of the total funding raised.

A campaign usually runs for 30 days. If not fully invested in or target funding not met, the campaign period can be extended up to 15 days.

Through crowdfunding, financiers offer capital to small businesses for the purchase of assets. This is a cost-plus profit arrangement (also known as Murabaha in Islamic Finance), wherein financiers buy assets for businesses at market value and immediately sell the asset to the business at a marked-up price on a deferred payment basis (see infographics on How it works). The typical funding period is 3-12 months depending on the SMEs cash flow strength and timing of receivable payments on existing orders.

Click on 'Contact us' and provide us with information on your business and asset purchase needs. A Kapital Boost representative will contact you to request for additional information including company registration details, historical financial statements or bank records, and business plan or company presentation.

Between two to five weeks. This assumes five working days for Kapital Boost to conduct due diligence on the SME and a maximum of four weeks for the crowdfunding campaign.

Most deferred payments will be amortising on a monthly basis to reduce repayment risk for financiers. For businesses that prefer a bullet payment at the end of the contract period, the profit margin on the asset purchase is likely to be higher to account for the increased risk premium.

Compared with most non-bank money lenders, we provide lower funding costs. Versus banks, we offer a higher approval rate, less administrative paperwork, and less restrictive covenants. Additionally, Kapital Boost's funding adheres to Shariah principles, which are ethical. The use of an asset purchase/cost-plus profit structure versus a loan increases the sharing of risk and reward between businesses and financiers.

No. Kapital Boost encourages an accelerated payout (asset purchase) by businesses.

Yes and no. There is no collateral involved in this financing structure. However, assets purchased businesses will belong to the financiers until after they are fully paid for.

Yes, although at this time only to Indonesia and Malaysia. We intend to expand our services to other ASEAN countries over the medium term.


Xfers is a payment processing gateway that simplifies online bank transfers. It is currently compatible with all major retail banks* in Singapore and compliant with Singapore's FAST (Fast and Secure Transfers) protocol.

*ANZ, POSB, Deutsche Bank, CIMB Bank, DBS, HSBC, Far Eastern Intl Bank, Citibank, Maybank, OCBC, RHB, UOB, RBS, SMBC and Standard Chartered.

Only those with internet-banking enabled Singapore bank accounts can use Xfers as a payment method to make the fund transfer.

Xfers uses a Amazon Web Services' (AWS) data servers to store your information. Additionally Xfers do not reveal or share your information to third parties unless required by law to do so. For more information on Xfers' Privacy Policy, please click here.

Xfers payment service is regarded as a stored value facility under the Singapore law. Although not required to obtain the approval of Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), its operations and business activities are in compliance with MAS' regulation, specifically the PSOA-NO2 on Prevention of Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism.

You will first need to top-up your Xfers e-wallet by depositing funds into an Xfers designated bank account. Once the top-up is successful, you can make payment for the SME / Donation campaign. The Xfers payment process is fully integrated and can be completed on Kapital Boost website. To start, click on the campaign name on the Portfolio page on your dashboard and follow the instructions for top-up and payments accordingly.

If done correctly, your e-wallet should be updated with the new account balance within 5-10 minutes. However, if the Xfers services or the banking network is under maintenance, it may take up to 3 hours.

If your account balance is still not updated within 3 hours, you should do the following: (1) Take a screenshot of the bank transfer that you have done. For ATM transfers, you will need to take a photo of the transfer receipt. (2) Fill up and submit the following form: It may take up to 1 business day for the funds to be credited into your Xfers account.

There are no costs to the Investor for using Xfers.

You may contact Xfers support at

If you already have an Xfers account, here’s how to withdraw funds: (1) Log in to your Xfers account at (2) On the left panel, go to "Withdraw from Wallet". (3) Add a Singapore bank account. (4) Make a withdrawal request. If you do not currently have an Xfers account, here’s how to withdraw funds: (1) Go to (2) Sign up for an account using your phone number (ensure this is the same phone number that is registered with Kapital Boost). (3) Log in to your Xfers account. (4) On the left panel, go to "Withdraw from Wallet". (5) Add a Singapore bank account. (6) Make a withdrawal request. If you experience problems with your withdrawal process, you may send an email to In all cases of withdrawal, do take note to enter your bank account details correctly. For withdrawals that have been reversed by Xfers' bank as a result of you having entered an erroneous bank account number, we will charge an administrative fee of $25.

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