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Islamic crowdfunding - Financing towards sustainability

Two important factors for SMEs are financing and business sustainability. Both are key ingredients for business growth and success although they often conflict one another. Financing tend be short-term focused – making the most profits over...

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10 Smartphone Applications to Successfully Support your Business

The current age of technology has been advancing rapidly, and especially the technologies that help businesses. Unsurprisingly, even the common mobile phone can be a great asset for any business as it provides great utility. With the help of some...

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5 Books for Better Business Insights

Reading is an important aspect for the lives and especially critical for people in the business world. Key financial icons such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet or even Elon Musk are amongst the many CEOs who advocate this notable trait. Generating...

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Crowdfunding for Business Branding

For a business to succeed, a business needs to build upon a trifecta; Branding, customer relations management and product viability. Though it is easy to build a brilliant product and provide quality customer service, it is essential the business...

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Small and Medium Enterprise

In the digital age, digital technology has a major impact on the world economy and business. Microsoft and IDC Asia / Pacific predicted the digital economy will account for 40% of Indonesia's GDP by 2021. Of course, this is a potential that...

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Financial Planning in Starting a Business

Financial planning is an important part of business development. It is not only for a basis of various business activities, but also significant as a measure of success. This financial projection should be projected for at least the next three...

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Islamic Business Ethics for A Prosperous Society

In today’s highly globalized world, unethical business behavior has caused many problems to arise from economic activities. This neglect for ethics in a capitalist system stems from the assumption that behaving ethically will only lead to...

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4 Differences between Conventional and Islamic Economic System

In general, the Islamic economic system is a system in which economic activities pertaining to production, distribution and consumption of resources are governed by Islamic principles. These principles are derived from Al-Quran, the divine speech...

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Leadership Styles for a Successful Business

Effective leadership is an key ingredient for the success of your business as it has a huge impact on a company’s performance. Business author David Goleman outlined 6 different leadership styles that one can embody in order to build a...

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5 Tips for SMEs to Compete in the Global Markets

Small, Medium and Enterprises (SMEs) must have the desire to compete in the global market. What is more, many big companies that you know now, all started as small businesses. In fact, some of them started in the garage. The reputation of those...

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