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Islamic Business Ethics for A Prosperous Society

In today’s highly globalized world, unethical business behavior has caused many problems to arise from economic activities. This neglect for ethics in a capitalist system stems from the assumption that behaving ethically will only lead to...

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4 Differences between Conventional and Islamic Economic System

In general, the Islamic economic system is a system in which economic activities pertaining to production, distribution and consumption of resources are governed by Islamic principles. These principles are derived from Al-Quran, the divine speech...

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6 Common Misconceptions about Islamic Finance

Global Islamic finance assets have grown from $2 trillion in 2016 to $2.6 trillion in 2017. Despite its growing practice, the industry is still surrounded by misconceptions about Islamic finance. This article aims to tackle the common...

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Islamic Finance in Indonesia: Potential and Challenges

Indonesia and Malaysia may be called cognate (serumpun ) countries. However, this does not make the fate of these two countries the same. Despite being younger, Malaysia has a more economically established position than Indonesia, especially in...

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