Get returns of up to 24% p.a.

Kapital Boost offers a peer-to-peer crowdfunding platform for SMEs to raise financing from retail investors. We use Islamic finance structures to ensure ethical investments and lower credit risks for investors. Sign up now to find out more.

Why Invest via Kapital Boost?

Transparency. No hidden fees/charges

We focus on transparency. Fees are borne by the SMEs. Investing is free of charge

Short-term investments with attractive returns

Invest from 2-5 months on SME projects offering annualised returns from 16-24%

Thorough screening and due diligence proces

All investments are carefully screened to ensure only deserving SME projects are funded

What We Do

Kapital Boost aims to tackle the lack of financing available to SMEs in Southeast Asia. We help level the playing field by offering these businesses a crowdfunding platform to access temporary liquidity for goods and capital purchases.

We also address the shortage of attractive Islamic-based investments. By funding SMEs, Kapital Boost members (funders) have the opportunity to earn attractive returns on short-term, Shariah-structured deals. In other words, our members get rewarded for doing good.

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